SME CC (Hypo)

CC -Hypo stands for Cash Credit- Hypothecation. This is a continuous credit limit allowed for trading as well as manufacturing/ assembling/ other value adding units to procure and maintain the stock in trade for trading units and stock of raw material, work in process, and finished goods for manufacturing/ assembling/ other value adding units.


  • This is a continuous loan.
  • Continuous drawing and adjustment is possible.
  • Any branch transaction is allowed.
  • Validity of the limit may be one year or less. It may be renewed for further period at the request of the customer but at bank's own discretion.
  • It is adjusted through crediting sale proceeds in the account on regular basis. Desired yearly credit turnover in the account is 04 times of the credit limit.
  • Stock in trade remains under customer's lock and key.
  • Primary security: Hypothecation of stock in trade or stock of RM, WIP, & FG.