Bengal Fixed Deposit

BENGAL FIXED DEPOSIT (FDR) is another savings scheme of fixed nature that makes deposit grow over a certain period of time. Interest rates are higher than savings account. This is a non-transactional account. In this competitive market, FDR helps to attract customers to experience a new baking

Bengal Commercial Bank introduces following fixed deposit product:

Simple Banking

Now it’s easier to focus on what really matters to you. Through our award-winning online and mobile banking platforms, transactions are quick and simple. Less time spent on banking

Maintenance Fees

Receive free foreign inward remittance, free unlimited ATM withdrawals, access to online banking, credit cards and personal loans.

Debit Card

Bengal Debit Card is the local scheme card powered by NPSB. Bengal Debit Card that allows you to access your account to withdraw cash or pay for goods and services anywhere within Bangladesh in a secure and convenient way.